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At de Novo, your goals become our goals. It's how we help our clients succeed. Want to pull back the curtain and see how we do it? Check out our various insights and musings on our blog.

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Agency Lifestyle

From Street-Team Rep to Summer Intern: My Time with de Novo Marketing
By Jensen Smith on August 5, 2021

A special thank you to our 2021 Summer Intern, Jensen, for writing this blog. We wish you luck in your final year and see nothing but great things in your future! - Your friends at de Novo

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Digital Marketing Organizational Development CRM Hubspot

Shifting from “Post & Pray” to Nurturing a Workforce Pipeline
By Jen Neumann on July 16, 2021

If you would have told me in 2007 that the work we do at de Novo would be so heavily involved in human resources, I would have laughed, and maybe even said “No thanks!”

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Branding Design

Busting Common Design Myths
By Rebecca Skalsky on July 7, 2021

What comes to mind when you hear the words “graphic design”? Making things pretty for a living? Computer wizardry? A coffee-drinking, flannel-clad, Apple-product aficionado? While there...

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Social Media Marketing Strategy Digital Marketing Blogging

Why Content Length Matters (And How to Trim Your Copy Like a Pro)
By Kelly Stapella on May 26, 2021

7-Minute Read The length of your content can make or break its success. Sometimes you need to get right to the point (think a social media...

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ATTENTION: How to Grab It
By Steve Maxfield on May 20, 2021

THE IMPORTANT FIRST STEP Time, resources and budget all go into your marketing plan and materials. The best way to optimize all that work you’ve put in is making sure they grab attention. ...

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Sales Marketing Strategy Digital Marketing Technology CRM Hubspot

Improve Your Tech Stack With a Platform Audit
By Jen Neumann on March 8, 2021

It happens every year at budget time. Our accountant hands me a list of software companies and asks, “Are we continuing all of these subscriptions next year?”

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6 Questions You Should Ask About Your Marketing Content
By Steve Maxfield on March 4, 2021

Let’s start by painting some pictures we’re all familiar with… You’re excited about the quality service your organization can deliver. You can’t wait to send out an email or postcard...

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Sales Agency Lifestyle Organizational Development Strategic planning

If You Are Not Using an Integrated CRM, You Are Losing Data
By Jen Neumann on March 1, 2021

Excel spreadsheets, handwritten notes, emailing yourself details about a customer's preferences . . . all of these are ways that we input and track information about our leads, prospects...

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Sales Branding Organizational Development

Barrier Studies: Understanding What Holds Back Business & Engagement
By Jen Neumann on January 15, 2021

This is the third time we've updated this post—it's one of those blogs that has evolved as our client base has over the years. This time our refresh incorporates more behavioral science...

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12 Logos in 12 Months: Reflections on a Year in Branding
By Design Team on January 6, 2021

1 year. 3 designers. 12 logos. YEP, WE HAD A PRETTY BUSY 2020. From branding new businesses to helping established companies expand and refresh their visual assets—we spent a lot of time...

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