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At de Novo, your goals become our goals. It's how we help our clients succeed. Want to pull back the curtain and see how we do it? Check out our various insights and musings on our blog.

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Kassie Hensel

Kassie is a storyteller by nature and loves helping others piece their messages together in a way that speaks to the insanely relatable human experience that we all share.
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Web Development & SEO

5 Reasons to Refresh Your Website
By Kassie Hensel on July 12, 2022

  A lot of hard work goes into planning and creating a website, and rightly so! It’s essentially the online storefront for your business, and you want it to be appealing to your virtual...

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Digital Marketing

Quit Stressing Over Image Sizes—We've Got You
By Kassie Hensel on May 9, 2022

  Whether you are a marketer, a business owner or a traditional user, we’ve all experienced that heart-dropping moment when you hit “save” on a cover image and suddenly—it doesn’t look...

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