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At de Novo, your goals become our goals. It's how we help our clients succeed. Want to pull back the curtain and see how we do it? Check out our various insights and musings on our blog.

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Kelly Stapella

As the Communications Manager for de Novo, Kelly lends her strengths as a writer and researcher to help the team create award winning content and strategies that help our clients meet their goals.
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Social Media Marketing Strategy Digital Marketing Blogging

Why Content Length Matters (And How to Trim Your Copy Like a Pro)
By Kelly Stapella on May 26, 2021

7-Minute Read The length of your content can make or break its success. Sometimes you need to get right to the point (think a social media...

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Agency Lifestyle de Novo Drinks

de Novo Drinks: Solicherry Confinement
By Kelly Stapella on August 25, 2020

Ah, 2020. Like the world’s longest game of blackjack—the hits just keep coming. It’s funny (and also cruel) that when we need each other the most, it’s never been more important to keep...

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Agency Lifestyle Marketing Strategy Branding Strategic planning

Into the Woods: A Refresher Course in Brand Refreshes
By Kelly Stapella on March 2, 2020

No brand is a static entity. As a business naturally evolves, its people, capabilities and culture change with it. Marketing materials will have to change too—this is a given. But websites,...

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Agency Lifestyle

Warmest Holiday Wishes From de Novo
By Kelly Stapella on December 24, 2019

We created this short, cheeky little number to show our appreciation to you—our clients, vendors, friends and partners for helping to make 2019 another spectacular year. Enjoy!

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Summer Nostalgia Series

New Coke, Who Dis?
By Kelly Stapella on June 18, 2019

New Coke is officially back. You’re probably wondering why Coca-Cola, one of the biggest brands in the world, would decide to relive what went down as one of the worst marketing disasters...

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Rethink Your B2B Blogging Strategy
By Kelly Stapella on March 6, 2019

Blogs are an important part of your long-term marketing plan. They keep customers moving through the funnel. They lend authority to your business. And they drive organic traffic to your...

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Sales Digital Marketing Web Development & SEO

Bios, Blogs & Other Ways to Spotlight Your Team
By Kelly Stapella on June 25, 2018

Updated March 3, 2021 Trust plays a big role in building lasting relationships with clients—and turning prospects into clients in the first place. But how do you build trust with a prospect...

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Marketing Strategy Digital Marketing Blogging

5 Reasons Blogs Don’t Live Up to Expectations
By Kelly Stapella on March 27, 2018

You’ve heard it a million times, in a million different ways: “You should be blogging.” Well, should you? Almost every company can benefit from maintaining a blog—it makes your site more...

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Marketing Strategy

Your Customers Are People Too: Use Personas to Understand Them
By Kelly Stapella on December 4, 2017

The goal of consumer research is to mine as much data as possible so you can use it to psychologically manipulate your customers into buying more of your products or services. Right?

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Agency Lifestyle

StarTalk Radio - Pop-sci at Its Finest #TRYPOD
By Kelly Stapella on March 16, 2017

Ever wonder what would happen if you could beam onto the Enterprise, what it’s like to fall into a black hole, or if androids really could dream about electric sheep? So have Neil deGrasse...

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