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StarTalk Radio - Pop-sci at Its Finest #TRYPOD

By Kelly Stapella on March, 16 2017
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Kelly Stapella

As the Communications Manager for de Novo, Kelly lends her strengths as a writer and researcher to help the team create award winning content and strategies that help our clients meet their goals.

Ever wonder what would happen if you could beam onto the Enterprise, what it’s like to fall into a black hole, or if androids really could dream about electric sheep? So have Neil deGrasse Tyson and his rotating panel of celebrity guests, NASA scientists and sci-fi aficionados who join him every Friday night for StarTalk Radio, a (mostly) safe-for-work podcast made for space junkies, pop-sci nerds and everyone in between.


For today's #TRYPOD blog, I thought I'd share my love for pop-science and spread the joy of StarTalk Radio. Fear not, you don't need an advanced degree in astrophysics to follow along. StarTalk welcomes any listener with an open mind and a penchant for asking "why?" Here's the rundown:

Each week, a cosmos-related theme is chosen and Neil is partnered up with a comedian to discuss the topic and its relation to modern life and pop culture. With any luck, that comedian is Eugene Mirman (Bob’s Burgers, Delocated), whose cartoon-like expressions pair perfectly with NDGT’s dramatic, yet calming voice. 

Arguably the best moments of the show come from the Cosmic Queries episodes, where Neil responds to questions posed by his listeners. In the Lightening Round, Neil gets one minute or less to answer questions like, “Can you hear yourself scream in space?” and “Is it legal (or ethical) to shoot down a UFO in your backyard?”

Oh, and no worries if Neil needs to take a sick day. He’s always got Bill Nye to cover for him.

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