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Agency Lifestyle

Is the Open Office Format Bad?
By Jen Neumann on August 1, 2018

No, but your culture might not be right for it. Yet. A lot of articles are being published about how bad the open office environment is for employees and culture. Here’s the thing—if the...

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News Release: de Novo Marketing Acquires Annex Analytics
By Jen Neumann on July 23, 2018

de Novo will add Annex’s data analytics and business intelligence capabilities to their lineup of marketing and advertising services. Annex Analytics co-founder, Peggy Stover, will also...

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Be Curious About Automation
By Jen Neumann on July 9, 2018

This summer, a whole new batch of graduates headed out to the working world ready to put what they learned to good use. Yet, what I’ve noticed, as an employer, is that the skills many...

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Marketing Strategy

A Digital Marketer's Checklist for GDPR
By Jen Neumann on May 15, 2018

The European Union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is all about how companies use the personal data of those they interact with. Everywhere we go on the internet, we leave a...

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Marketing Strategy Web Development & SEO

What's Your Website's Shelf Life?
By Jen Neumann on April 26, 2018

You invested in a new website—how long should that website's design last? The answer varies. It depends on the structure of your website. It depends on your ability to freshen up imagery...

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Agency Lifestyle

Both a Mentor and a Mentee Be
By Jen Neumann on February 23, 2018

I remember, once upon my early thirties, my boss telling me I should have a mentor—specifically, I should find a mentor in a particular industry and geographic area.

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Marketing Strategy

Goal Setting Leads to Marketing Success
By Jen Neumann on December 4, 2017

Start your marketing and communications plan for the year with goals designed for results.

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What Do People Say About Your Brand...
By Jen Neumann on November 28, 2017

...when you're not in the room? Expensive / Worth it? (Quality)OR Pricey / Not Worth it (Overpriced) Inexpensive / Effective (Value)ORCheap / Crappy (Garbage) Quick to Respond /...

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Marketing Strategy

Stalk-In Traffic: Working With an Informed Public
By Jen Neumann on October 2, 2017

Your customers know almost everything about what you offer before they "walk in" the door. Whether you sell items off shelves, provide a service, are a museum or tourism attraction, a...

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Web Development & SEO Branding

Stock Photography Tells the Viewer One Thing
By Jen Neumann on August 2, 2017

The proliferation of cheap, accessible stock photography has been an amazing boon over the years to content producers. However, it's also produced an unintended side effect: everyone's...

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