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Insights from the de Novo Intern

By Hayden Means on August, 14 2019
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Hayden Means


What was my first day at de Novo like, you may ask? Well for starters we made stress relief slime for team meeting and I was greeted with a “Welcome Hayden” potluck. Moments like these gave me reassurance that this place would soon feel like a second home. Since I am obsessed with formulating my thoughts into lists, I have listed some key takeaways as well as some of my favorite memories from my summer interning at de Novo: 

1. Potlucks

Food is basically a love language for me, so I savored every single potluck we had at the de Novo office this summer. They say food gives humans an opportunity to bond, and us de Novians couldn't agree more. I will miss eating parmesan bites and choosing from an array of at least eight different deserts to eat with the de Novo crew. 

2. Furry Friends

As a natural animal lover, I was excited to meet and hang out with all of the de Novo office pets. I believe being able to do your work while petting a dog is bliss, and I will miss all of the furry friends I had the fortune of meeting this summer. 

3. Dance Club Cardio

Although I ate a lot of food while interning at de Novo, I was also introduced to a new form of exercise: Dance Club Cardio instructed by de Novo’s very own Alicia Anderson! I enjoyed going to Dance Club Cardio events on the weekends as a way to bond even more and “bust a move” with the de Novo team.

4. A Taste of the Spotlight

Another thing I enjoyed during my time at de Novo was the opportunity to star in various videos as well as photo opportunities. I did not have much experience being in front of the camera prior to my internship, so it was fun to be considered "talent" by acting for a video or posing for a magazine cover when needed. 

5. Newbo

Another perk to working at de Novo is the close proximity to the NewBo City Market and surrounding local shops/restaurants. It was convenient to have fun lunch spots as well as coffee shops to check out. 

6. Leading Team Meeting 

Each week at de Novo, a different team member takes their turn leading the team meeting. I was both excited and nervous for my time to lead since I had little experience in doing so. I feel that this experience challenged both my public speaking skills as well as my ability to keep a group engaged. This small but mighty task helped with my leadership development skills, and I am happy I had the opportunity to lead. 

7. Instagram Takeover

I enjoyed taking on the role of "Social Media Manager" for de Novo's Instagram account this summer. This was my first time managing a business' social media account, and I enjoyed having the freedom and ability to plan weekly posts.

8. Coffee

I am a self-proclaimed iced coffee addict, and I consumed my fair share of coffee while at de Novo. Whether it was regular visits to the local coffee shops or taking Matt’s cold brew coffee recommendations, my love for all things coffee was fulfilled this summer at de Novo. 

9. Ice Cream Machine

I will never forget the iconic day that Ryan surprised the team with an ice cream machine for a team meeting. I have never seen anything like that in an office setting, but it is definitely one of my favorite memories from my internship this summer. 

10. Blogging

Last but not least, I also enjoyed furthering my experience with writing blogs and learning more about the tool HubSpot. We did our nostalgia blog series this summer, and I enjoyed having the creative freedom to write about nostalgia as a trend in marketing. 


As the summer is coming to an end, I am preparing to head back to school for my senior year at the University of Iowa! I want to give de Novo a massive hug and thank you for treating me so well this summer, and for all the memories, friendships, and wisdom I gained in a span of three short months. 

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