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Want to Think Like de Novo? #TRYPOD With Us!

By Jen Neumann on March, 13 2017
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Do you listen to podcasts? Podcast listening grew 23% between 2015 and 2016, with more than 57 million folks tuning in to podcasts last year. Mobility, automation and choice are what are driving the rise, as people seek to customize and carry with them, their listening choices.

This month, hosts from many of the most recognizable podcasts are promoting the medium with a campaign called #trypod. The goal is to expand listenership of podcasts, and introduce the format to those unfamiliar with it.

At de Novo, we have several podcast devotees, and our tastes range from pop culture to interpersonal relationships, to economics and brain science. And we love to share the podcast love. So this week, de Novo staff will share their faves, in hopes that if you aren’t already addicted, you’ll #trypod some of our suggestions and tell us yours.

Not a podcast listener (yet)?
If you are wondering how to listen to a podcast, let's start with the basics. On your smartphone, look for the podcast app. Don't have it downloaded? Go to the App or Play store and search “podcasts” and download either the native app for your phone, or a third-party app, like Stitcher. Open the app and click on the search function. 

Here, you can start populating the podcasts you want to listen to, and set them to automatically download so they are waiting for you every day.

For beginners, depending on your interests, I'd suggest starting with something fun that gives you a wide variety of subjects or is just pure brain candy. I like "Ask Me Another" and "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" for an updated and humorous take on recent news, and I also download American Public Media's"Marketplace"(which is a daily radio show you can also hear on that old-fashioned listening device: the radio, every day) so I can listen on my own schedule. 

Another good way to expand your listening is to download NPR One, or just go to on your computer browser and tap "explore." You can always catch the national news and then a variety of stories on and off NPR. Additionally, there is an exhaustive number of podcasts out there ABOUT podcasts. The Big Listen is a great one for expanding your playlist.

My favorite during the election, and still a regular listen for me is NPR Politics.They have changed over some of their regulars (I miss Sam and Asma!) but I still rely on this podcast for insight and especially appreciate the historical perspectives of Ron Elving and Mara Liasson. And every once in awhile, you can get the podcast hosts to engage with you on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 8.42.41 AM.png

My tastes lean toward humor, political satire and economics. Search for the topics that matter to you and make a daily habit out of listening and learning. And invest in good headphones. 

Stay tuned this week as the deNovians share more of their #trypod podcast love, and share yours with us! 


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