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Posted by Ryan Shenefelt on Mar 14, 2017 12:47:51 PM

The Run Down

Sooo Many White Guys (yes, with three Os) is a podcast featuring Phoebe Robinson of "2 Dope Queens" and her producer turned "White Robin Quivers," Joanna Solataroff. This quick-witted duo talks to various comedians, writers, actors, singers, political figures, and people who are generally #slaying. There is a catch, however. NONE of their guests are Heterosexual White Males (HWMs). After all, HWMs are pretty much everywhere - who needs to interview them again? Mike Birbiglia, the HWM, gets a free pass as the show's "Token White Dude." 


Phoebe Robinson - host


Joanna Solotaroff  - co-host
(coutesy Twitter)


Mike Birbiglia - White Dude
(coutesy NYT)

Yeah, but why?

After being a devout fan of 2 Dope Queens with Phoebe (I'm going to refer to her as Pheebz because you naturally feel like you and her reach "bestie status" when you listen to her) and Jessica Williams, I was ecstatic to hear that Pheebz was going to launch her own podcast. Sooo Many White Guys takes an interview style approach, as opposed to 2 Dope Queens' "emcee" style approach, which has Jess and Pheebz introducing various hilarious comedians. Phoebe Robinson brings on guests you should know OR will know shortly and interviews them about their careers, not being a HWM, and how they are reacting to current political climates. She confronts the "tough stuff" while still finding out her guest's favorite 90's R&B band. I think that this show encourages me to "Check my privilege" and look at things from a different perspective - something all of us should do from time to time. 

So even if you aren't a podcaster, I urge you to head on over to the Sooo Many White Guys Episode List and check a few out!

Here's a Full Guest List (as of the time of this posting):

  1. John Early (TBS Search Party) & Baron Vaughn (actor, Grace & Frankie)
  2. Abbi Jacobson (co-creator & co-star, Broad City)
  3. Nahnatchka Khan (showrunner, Fresh Off the Boat)
  4. Alaska 5000 (winner, RuPaul's Drag Rae All Stars S2)
  5. Issa Rae (creator & star, HBO's Insecure)
  6. Margaret Cho (comedian & activist)
  7. Charlamagne Tha God (radio host & TV)
  8. Lena Dunham (writer & star, HBO's Girls)
  9. St. Vincent (musician)
  10. Mike Birbiglia (actor & comedian)
  11. Constance Wu (actor, Fresh Off the Boat)
  12. Roxan Gay (writer & professor)
  13. Hasan Minhaj (stand-up comedian & senior correspondent, The Daily Show)
  14. Gina Rodriguez (actor, Jane the Virgin)
  15. Nia Long (actor)
  16. Hari Kondabolu (comedian)
  17. Janet Mock (trans advocate & author & TV host)
  18. Ilana Glazer (co-creator & co-star, Broad City)
  19. Lizzo (hip-hop rap queen)

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