The Definition of Content

Posted by Admin on Mar 5, 2013 5:12:20 AM


Content is the buzzword for 2013.

But what does that even mean? Just a short time ago the talk was all about "organic" marketing and then there were the frantic calls from clients wanting QR codes on freakin' everything.

Stop, breathe and think about it. Content - at its core - should share relevant information with your target audience. Does your content answer a question, spark a conversation or inform? Does it incite laughter or make the reader think?

In other words, it is necessary? Or are you just blogging (writing, mailing, emailing, phone calling, etc.) because you think you should?

Ask yourself a very simple question before writing, mailing, emailing, phoning, etc. - does this fit within your marketing strategy? Are you sure? Then, go for it.


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