Stop going to Social Media trainings

Posted by Admin on Jan 8, 2013 7:37:56 PM

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You don't need another social media webinar, seminar, "boot camp," immersive training or strategy session.

What most companies need is overall strategy, with content as the centerpiece. You really don't need a training for this. If you identify your key messages and goals, you have the basis to generate content. Study your company's goals and barriers to entry to determine the content that should be at the heart of all your communications.

Instead of spending your time and money attending these trainings, invest your resources in a strategy that helps you identify and generate that content and then push it out across the multiple mediums and platforms that are available and appropriate for your audience. Resources are often wasted by broadcasting a message to an audience that doesn't find your content relevant. Take the time to find where they are and what they need to know. Then generate, curate and deliver content that matters to them.

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