Leveraging Location Data to Unlock Customer Insights

By Ryan Shenefelt on May, 16 2024
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Ryan Shenefelt

Ryan is a digital strategist at de Novo Alternative Marketing. When he's not creating digital campaigns or reading up on the latest news in the socialsphere, he's crafting up a storm.

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How a location-based consumer analysis tool can help transform your business.

Identifying your customers is a cornerstone of marketing, but understanding them is the key to an effective strategy. Before Google Analytics and other digital tracking capabilities, the best way to learn about your customers was to spend time talking to the people who walked through your door. While time and place are valuable, this method alone isn’t sustainable in a modern world.


With, businesses finally have a solution that marries the efficiency of digital analytics with the relevancy of foot traffic. aggregates information from hundreds of mobile applications to provide you with powerful data centered around your customers and other consumers who have the potential to convert.

How Does Collect Data? taps into mobile applications from a full range of categories, including coupons, travel, games, social media, finance and more, to collect consumer data from more than 25 million devices each month. While this data is anonymized and “hashed,” it is sourced straight from cell phone users to reflect true consumer interests, behaviors, and trends. This aggregation collects location & demographic data from over 25 million users monthly. This information is combined with other sources, like Census Block Groups, and then extrapolated using artificial intelligence (AI).


The best part? All users opt-in!


The Data Doesn’t Stop When You Do doesn’t stop collecting the demographic information of your customers after they leave; it is a constant flow. This means you can see where people go before and after your location, and the routes they take to get there!


Here are some data points that can be helpful:

  • Population
  • Density
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Household Income
  • Marital Status
  • Type of Housing
  • Trade Area Size


All of this information is then cross-tabulated and used to create countless reports such as:


Placer.Income.SampleAudience Insights

  • Census Profiles: Of those who go to a location, what does their demographic information look like?
  • Favorite Places: What are some of their other favorite locations that they like to visit?
  • Zip Code Analysis
  • Cross Shopping: When customers are out and about, where do they tend to go before or after they come to my location (category specific).


Placer.AI.VisitorInformationVisitation Performance

  • Visitor Trends: What days and times are the busiest?
  • Visitor Journey: Where do my visitors come from before they visit me? Where do they go after?
  • Vehicle Traffic: What routes do my visitors take to get to me?
  • Visitor Loyalty: Pull specific information based on your TOP visitors and see how it differs. 


Placer.AI.HomeLocationsTrade Area Analysis

  • True Trade Area: What trade area reflects your customer's home or work locations?
  • Benchmarking: Compare your location versus your competition
  • Cannibalization: Compare your customer footprint at various locations to gauge crossover. 


Powerful Personas that Produce Results partners with Experian, the leading consumer classification channel, to show how often certain groups visit your location. This allows you to see where you over-index, under-index, or meet the expectations. The data is tracked for each of Experian’s 66 Consumer Classifications, such as “Flourishing Families,” who are homeowners, have moderate incomes, take 1-2 vacations per, have children aged 10-12, enjoy athletic & family-oriented activities, have high credit card usage, and are saving for college.


Data this expansive is the next step in advancing the way we target individuals online! 


As existing targeting methods, like cookies, make their way out, contextual targeting practices like will become crucial for your business. With cookie & privacy policies springing up in various states (including Iowa), and a national policy going through Congress, that reality will be here sooner than expected. 


Why provides an unrivaled data set based on real locations without violating privacy compliance. This gives you authentic, timely, and unbiased information about who visits your location and who doesn’t. Plus, data goes back to 2017, revealing how consumer patterns have shifted and changed over time. This gives you a headstart on complex long-term insights that can inform campaigns, promotions, and more. 


These insights help us effectively plan your advertising budget for maximum impact, improving ROI and driving your marketing efforts further than ever. 

Let’s work together to better understand your customers with Reach out to learn how we can help you drive business with real data, from real consumers

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