Use Case Studies to Attract Customers

Posted by Allison Kaiser on Jun 4, 2018 9:02:14 AM

Attracting quality prospects and closing the deal is a challenge almost every B2B business faces. Even the most experienced sales team needs a helping hand in proving the value of their products and/or services every once in a while. That's where case studies come in handy—they can be an effective way to showcase your business’ successes and help nudge your prospect in the right direction.

 A case study describes a problem or challenge that a customer or client faced and how you helped them overcome it. It’s an effective marketing tool in that it’s a reusable piece of content. It can serve as an all-purpose tool, from web content to social media posts to collateral pieces.

Not only does a case study provide your prospect with concrete, measurable results, it shows you put thought into your processes and strategies. By notating exactly what you did and how you achieved your results, you show your value as a company that approaches your job methodically and with the client’s goal in mind. 

How do you write a case study? 

Case studies consist of a few major parts. Start with a compelling title that entices viewers to read the case study. It should be something that’s applicable to your target audience, such as “How we helped CLIENT X increase engagement by 35%.” Be sure to provide ample background information about the client, including any information that would be pertinent for a reader to have a solid understanding of who they are and what they do.

Next, describe the challenge and detail the solution you took to address it. Walk through your reasoning, and then provide results and testimonials that complement these results. By including testimonials, you have the chance to give a voice to your company’s strongest advocates. 

In the end, your case study should provide prospective customers with concrete, measurable results. Once you’ve compiled your study, there are several ways to repurpose it:

  • Send it out in your email newsletter.
  • Add it to your website.
  • Submit it to industry and local publications.
  • Print it to use as a collateral piece for distribution by your sales team.
  • Add it to proposals, or use it in a pitch or presentation.

Need help putting together case studies or a content marketing strategy to attract business prospects? Get in touch with de Novo and tell us about your marketing goals.

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