What to expect from Google Enhanced Ads

Posted by Admin on Jun 25, 2013 5:22:08 AM

Google rolled out some pretty big changes in June that will, in the long term, make things easier for advertisers.


In fact, what they are doing is answering and accelerating a trend toward mobile use. One of the biggest upshots of the change is that you will no longer need to (or get to, in some cases) target specific ads to mobile versus desktop, or tablet.


Why? Because Google will display them across all users and devices. Mobile or not. That means that if you use AdWords, your ads will display on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Good, yes?


Well, maybe. Is your website set up for mobile viewing and interaction? Does it use a responsive design, or does it shrink it to the size of little ants on the page? Worse yet, does it not resize at all and do weird things?


We haven't seen data yet, and we know this number has changed, but in the middle of 2012, fewer than 20% of websites were mobile friendly.

Now you may say, "So what? They'll, pinch, they'll zoom. They will convert."


No, they won't.


Mobile sites - or a lack thereof, are a barrier to entry. If the info isn't there, they will only search further unless they really need it. Otherwise they hit the back button and are onto the next result: usually your competitor's.


Keep yourself from falling prey to the back button. Optimize your site for mobile now, by either refreshing your platform with a mobile responsive site or using a third party product (carefully!) to create the landing page for your AdWords, and interior mobile pages designed to convert browsers to customers.




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