de Novo 2016 Fall Intern: Zach Zingula

By Max Johnson on December, 13 2016
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Fall 2016 was definitely one for the books. From the infamous flood to hanging out with Ludacris, it's been a wild ride for everyone at de Novo, especially our fall intern, Zach Zingula.

Zach, a senior at Mount Mercy University, will be returning next spring to graduate with a degree in marketing. Over the course of his fall internship, Zach was able to see every bit of what it looks like to be on the "agency" side of things, but he didn't expect he'd be helping move out the office. To cap off his internship at de Novo, he's written a short blog.

His blog read:

"Blood, sweat, and beers all went into this internship at de Novo…. Seriously, flood 2016. (Or almost flood, I’m not sure what to really call that.) But nonetheless, evacuation of the de Novo office was needed. Out of all the skills I thought I would be exposed to while interning at de Novo, fitting furniture through doorways and up staircases was pretty low on that list. But, if you need any help moving in the near future, I’ve got plenty of experience.

Some tips for any intern who happens to work during the next 100-year flood:

  1. de Novo has a lot of crap, so make sure you bring an extra stick of deodorant.
  2. For some reason, I wasn’t able to move desks without getting a cut somewhere. If this happens to you, Ryan always has a full supply of Band-Aids in his man purse. (Thanks Ryan)
  3. The kitchen at de Novo is always full of goodies, so after a long day of work, grab a beer out of the fridge or delicious baked good off the counter, relax and try to forget the fact that eventually you will have to move everything back in….

On a more serious note, it was honestly awesome to see the entire team have this curve ball thrown at them and be flexible enough to not miss a beat while everyone was working from home for a couple of weeks.

I was fortunate enough to be able to dive in and work alongside some of the brightest and most fun people imaginable. After getting thrown into a strategy meeting the moment I walked in on my first day (before getting to even meet any of the team), I knew I was at the right place to gain valuable experience.

Everyone at de Novo is not only super talented, but also willing to teach and guide whenever needed. Whether it be the digital strategy team, the video team, graphic design, event planning, or account management, I feel like I’ve walked away gaining valuable information from every aspect. Oh, and we can’t forget about Kelly our copywriter! Creating those weekly “National Weird Holiday Newsletter” emails allowed me to do some creative writing that I normally don’t get the chance to do while writing papers in school.  

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and I honestly can’t believe it’s the end of the semester already. I mean, how can you not have fun while working alongside this group of weirdos? Not only were the people awesome, but the work was fun as well. I would like to thank each of the de Novians for welcoming me onto their team and making this internship a great experience."

From everybody at de Novo, all we can say is, "Thank you, Zach!" Everyday you have came in determined to learn and understand marketing. Whether it was researching stress balls to setting up an event, we truly have appreciated your assistance. We can't wait to see you back in the office for the spring smemster semester! 

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