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From Street-Team Rep to Summer Intern: My Time with de Novo Marketing

By Jensen Smith on August, 5 2021
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Fresh Thinking by de Novo.

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Jensen Smith

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A special thank you to our 2021 Summer Intern, Jensen, for writing this blog. We wish you luck in your final year and see nothing but great things in your future!

- Your friends at de Novo


I have had the opportunity to work for de Novo Marketing from various company angles over the last year—first as a street-team representative for the Rally C.A.P. Campaign in the summer of 2020, then as the Marketing and Event Coordinator for the Iowa River Landing (one of de Novo's clients), and finally, as the Summer Intern in 2021.

I have grown tremendously as both a working professional and a soon-to-be college graduate throughout my time with the company. I not only have gained knowledge of the marketing industry, but have also been exposed to numerous resources compiled of podcast recommendations, skill certificate courses, mock interviews and more to help me excel in my final year as a student.

My time with de Novo has become much more than a job—it's become a place where I feel surrounded by authenticity, creativity and inspiration. And it's a team that motivates me to ask questions, speak my mind and be true to myself.

It is fair to say that it's not always common to find this dynamic, which is why I am honored to share my experiences with the company. Apart from the highly talented team and the many incredible ventures the company has progressed, de Novo is filled with furry friends, a trendy space and lots of excitement. From buffet lunches in the kitchen to filming music videos in the studio, there was never a dull moment with this crew.

de Novo truly is a place of fresh thinking, alternative techniques and challenging traditional business notions, resulting in a personal approach for each client. Here, I expanded my marketing, communication, public relations and advertising skills by working with different clients on projects, tasks and campaigns.


Jensen Headshot Circle-1"All in all, I hoped to have positively supported the company throughout my time. I can't thank this crazy-fun group enough for welcoming me into their family with open arms. I am grateful for it all."


I wasn't sure what areas of marketing I wanted to focus on post-college. After my time with de Novo, I now know that I am willing and able to work in several marketing departments and will be more than happy to expand my skills however I can. I do know that wherever I end up, I will long to find a dynamic that compares to de Novo.

de Novo has provided me with an abundance of opportunities. Of course, I could continue to write about what I will take with me in my future endeavors, but all in all, I hope to have positively supported the company throughout my time. I can't thank this crazy-fun group enough for welcoming me into their family with open arms. I am grateful for it all.

I look forward to seeing what's in store for de Novo, as I know they will continue to make their mark by enhancing their fresh perspective on the industry.



About the Author

Jensen Smith is a student at the University of Iowa, where she studies communications and media relations. She graduates in the spring of 2022.

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