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de Novo Wins Four Hermes Creative Awards

By Chad Cooper on April, 30 2024
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Fresh Thinking by de Novo.

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Chad Cooper

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de Novo was recently honored by the Hermes Creative Awards, one of the oldest and largest creative competitions in the world.

Sponsored by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, the annual international competition honors the best in the creative industry from around the globe.


de Novo is proud to have won four awards for video, print, and web work, including one platinum, two gold, and one honorable mention. The awards reflect the power of our Collective Creative, bringing together our innovative and strategic minds to craft work that resonates with people and helps our clients reach their goals.


Read on to see the work and discover what made each project refreshingly meaningful. 



Project HOPE (Patrick's Story) Video

Project HOPE (Helping Others Persevere & Evolve) is a partnership between several local organizations, including Fresh Start Ministries, the Sixth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services, the Cedar Rapids Public Library, and Kirkwood Community College. The initiative takes a human-centered approach to corrections, amplifying marginalized voices and focusing on the transformational nature of their work. We partnered with the organizations, as well as local storyteller Bailey Chichon, to develop, film, and produce a video highlighting the success and growth of Patrick Roland-Bey after his journey through the justice system. Patrick's story creates a personal narrative, humanizes the initiative, and provides a deeper understanding of its potential. The video is a shining example of the impact of visual storytelling, showcasing the emotion and humanity of personal transformation.




Iowa Farms to Families Cookbook 

The Iowa Farmers Union has a longstanding history of working to develop a strong local food system across the state that not only supports Iowa farmers, but also reduces food insecurity. To connect farmers and their communities through local food, Horizon Group (formerly SPPG) and the Iowa Farmers Union partnered with de Novo to create a compelling cookbook highlighting farms, markets, and kitchens that are cultivating, distributing, and transforming food across the state. The recipes in the cookbook are all from farmers and arranged by season to inform Iowans on food availability and where food can be purchased. Family traditions, vibrant colors, and vivid illustrations are the key ingredients of a creative recipe that brings this cookbook to life in a way that is both inviting and informative. 






Unraveling Logistics Direct Mail 

Increasing awareness among prospective customers and engaging them through direct mail takes strategy, creativity, and ingenuity. We leveraged the tactile nature of direct mail to visibly demonstrate how Travero can make life easier in the world of logistics, simplifying the journey for clients. Through developing the initial concept to drafting and final production, we blended our innate creativity with a focus on the client’s goals. The final creation is interactive, informative, and answers the most important question: Why Travero? 






Mt. Vernon Website

A city’s website is its front door to the world. Developing and designing an effective and engaging website involves empathy, creativity, and attention to detail. We worked with the City of Mt. Vernon to transform their website with updated messaging, vibrant imagery, and clear navigation. It's also designed for mobile and with accessibility as a priority, keeping user experience at the forefront. This was more than a website redesign; it served as a digital transformation, making life easier for staff, residents, and prospective visitors.



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